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About Happy Heart

Millions of people have PVCs, and yet I never heard of it until it struck me hard in August 2020. Now I want to tell my story, hear your stories, and see how we can tackle this! Like you, I want a healthy lifetime to spend with my family (My wife & son pictured left)

My name is Eric Marcarian. Luckily in August 2020, my first perceived Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVCs) did not put me in the hospital. I was on pre-deployment military orders at the time, and visited the clinic that same week for a full battery of tests. They said I was okay compared to the bad cases they've seen. I talk about this experience more in the "Community Section."

However, I work in data analysis full time. I'm an Accounting grad from Syracuse University (go orange!) and have an MBA from Northeastern University. So maybe it's the analytical and research oriented brain of mine, but hearing from doctors that, "you're probably fine" and "this is benign," doesn't sit well with me. Why did these come on so suddenly, why won't they go away, and why does no one know what the true cause is?! I solve "why" questions all the time in my data career on much less serious problems than heart health!


My goal, with your help, is to accumulate all information that we can to solve this naturally and reduce dependence on the pharmaceuticals. Even if we can't fix ourselves, maybe we can help prevent it for future generations (like my son). 

Core Values

  1. Integrity First
  2. Service Before Self
  3. Excellence in all we Do

In addition to my full time work in data analytics, I serve part time in the Air Force Reserve as a Jet Engine Mechanic ("aerospace propulsion specialist" when I want sound fancy). We have three core values that we live by, which I like to think I've adopted into my personal life. If you're also a military member or have family serving, let's chat about it! I was scared for a bit that I would actually get kicked out medically, so that just shows how PVCs can change the course of someone's life.

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